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At newbb电子平台安全 we take our core values very seriously and pride ourselves on obtaining the best talent around the world. We stand by our core values and our objective is to acquire talent whose personal goals align with our 核心价值观.

We aspire to create and maintain exceptionally loyal customers, employees and suppliers. We want to be an employer who not only values employees for their contributions to our success, but also embraces and challenges them to be passionate about what they do at work, home and in their community.


newbb电子平台安全 strives to be your trusted partner. We will maintain credibility and conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity and accountability as we build a strong future together.


"Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty"

We are honest with our employees, customers and all partnerships.


"The quality of being believable or worthy of trust"

We maintain credibility through the highest levels of integrity and honesty.


"The state of being accountable, liable, and responsible"

We "Own It" in everything we do and accomplish by conducting ourselves with highest levels of accountability as we build a strong future together.


newbb电子平台安全护理 is our program to help serve and improve our community through fund raisers and volunteer events. A volunteer can mean many things.

  • Serve on the committee
  • Participate in volunteer events that are scheduled
  • Assist with fund-raising activities
  • Provide suggestions or ideas on activities that we can do
  • Contribute money to fundraising events, these money are collected to fund the various activities/events during the year



Bowl-A-Thon 2019

Recruiting Roundtable @ the University of Memphis

Helping Members of the Community





The OWN IT Award Program allows employees to cast nominations to other colleagues for a chance to be presented with award and $100 cash.

  • Team First: If we get better, we'll get bigger.
  • Own Your Position: Be fully engaged in your attitude and actions.
  • Master Your Skill: Keep getting better. 没有借口.
  • Move the Chains: It's all about progress.
  • Normalize Conflict: Approach it as an opportunity to gain loyalty.
  • Play to Win: The scoreboard matters.
  • Celebrate Big: Create moments and memories.


  • 带薪休假
  • 带薪假期
  • 丧亲离开
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • 人寿保险
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Critical and Accidental Insurance
  • 医学牙科 & 视觉保险
  • 401k
  • 利润分享
  • 教育援助
  • Flexible Spending Account
"newbb电子平台安全 offers great insurance and wellness benefits. Medical, Wellness Discount, Dental, Vision, Disability and 人寿保险 as well as Aflac coverages. 401K and 利润分享 is offered as well. Premiums are affordable and payroll deducted. My favorite part is the wellness discount."
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